Review Policy

Thanks for checking my review policy!😃

Why Book Review? 

In the era where people look forward for online reviews before buying anything, letting your audience know whether your book is meant for them or not, is just a click away. Get your book reviews posted online and let the world know about it.

If you are an author and want your book to be reviewed, drop an email at

What do I read?

I read a variety of genres including :
Fiction - contemporary, young adult, chicklit, historical.
Non-fiction - Self help, Motivational, Philosophy, Religion

And I keep on trying new genres as well.

And yes, I read in ENGLISH as well as HINDI.

Why me? 

Well, I have a passion for writing, and henceforth, reading. I am a voracious reader and believe in spreading my opinion on the books I read.

To view the book reviews posted by me so far, please click here.

What's the policy?

1) The author or their team may contact me at the email address mentioned above. I will acknowledge the email within 2-3 days, with the address where a paperback copy of the book must be sent. I am a Software Engineer, and reading an e-copy after having already worked a lot on the Computer is tedious!

2) I will be posting a review on my website (, Goodreads, Amazon and Flipkart. If there is any other site where you wish the review to be posted, kindly let me know in advance.
3) Sharing my review for promotional purposes by the author is acceptable. However, I would appreciate if I am informed about it. The credit shall always remain with me, and not transferred to the author at any point of time.That means the review must contain back link to my website.
4) The review is going to be honest, and unbiased.
5) I generally take a fortnight to finish and review a book. However, this timeline may vary based on the length of the book or any other commitments that I have. Let me know the deadline, if any.

6) I never say no to vouchers or goodies from the authors. :)

Editing / Proofreading 

Oh yes, I am good at picking out mistakes in grammar, punctuation, sentence formation and vocabulary. You may send me your work for proofreading as well. Send out an email and I will share the time limit and prices for editing/ proofreading.

As always, your queries, suggestions and feedback are welcome at


  1. I sent a request for you to review my book and even though I used address you listed, it was returned to me twice. What's up?

    1. Hi. There is some issue with that mail id. Please send it on


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