Tuesday 8 November 2022

Fairy Tale Blues

I wanted to be a poet,
To be able to create my own rhymes,
And perhaps write infinitely by the river side,
Alas, I am so decked up and can never find time,

I wanted to be a chef,
And perhaps be the queen of fine dine,
A mistress of spices, and a fierce baker,
Alas, the knives and tongs don't want to be mine,

I wished I could travel to a distant land,
And magically be back in a pinch,
A genie vase in my hand and wishes fulfilled at my finger tips,
Alas, here I am, captivated in the little room,

I wanted to own a kingdom,
Glass heels and velvety pillows for leisure, 
Pearls and pleasures at my disposal,
But my castle is empty and my crown falls each time,

I wished to be a soldier,
Slaying the evils who betray the mankind,
Chasing the knights on horses and march in pride,
But look at me, I am imprisoned in the shackles of the little mine,

I wanted to be on forest excursions,
Sleep under the starry skies and savour the sunshine gleam,
Amidst the enchanting rivers and dense flaura,
Alas, there are no blooms to lift the gloom,

In this tiny world,
I could do anything but not everything,
I could be anywhere but not everywhere!