Friday 9 February 2018


अब तो हर वार है सोमवार,
सुबह से करते हैं शाम का इंतज़ार,

लड़कपन के वो दिन थे ख़ुशगवार,
आता था एक दिन कहते थे उसे रविवार,

साईकल पे पीछे बैठने का आनंद था अपार,
सुबह उठ के हो जाते थे हम तैयार,

मोगली, रंगोली और देखते चित्रहार,
चंद्रकांता, तरंग और कृष्णा लगते त्योहार,

चंपक और चाचा चौधरी थे मज़ेदार,
मिट्टी की गुल्लक तोड़ने का इंतज़ार,

होमवर्क देख कर आ जाता बुख़ार,
लगता अब जल्दी बड़े हो जायें यार,

बरसात में कागज़ की नाव बनाना,
सितोलिया और साँप सीढ़ी से मन बहलाना,

दोस्तों संग लुका छुपी खेलना,
कट्टी करना फिर एक हो जाना,

गली में क्रिकेट खेलना,
आउट हो जाने पर नोंक झोंक करना,

रविवार कहो या संडे उसे कहना,
बचपन चला जाए बचपना नहीं खोना।

Wednesday 7 February 2018

Book Review: Faqeera Chal Chala Chal

"Faqeera Chal Chala Chal" is a book by debut author Sunil Sapra. I thank the author for sending across his book in exchange of an honest review.

This book is a collection of 84 poems in Hindi. It is a quick read. Upon reading, one can relate to some or the other poem. It is written in simple language, but at many junctures plants an urge to read certain poems over and over. There are some poems which let you meet yourself. They make you think twice about you and your life. The writer aptly says in the foreword, every person has a faqeera hidden within them. Discovering that faqeera is all you have to do.

I was not able to relate to each of the poems, but I won't comment by saying that I disliked them. It is just that the mood of those poems don't match my frequency. There are however, some poems which are worth reading. I especially bookmarked them to read and re-read in future.

The poems are set in various moods, or various aspects of one's life. For instance, हसरते, meaning desires. In this section, I specially loved चाहते and पंछी. These poems depict the desires of a human mind, and how each individual has different desires and expectations from life. And even after getting everything, how one remains dissatisfied at times.

I liked some lines from a poem -

चुप रहने वाले को,
दुनिया है भूल जाती,
अरे, रोये बिना तो,
माँ भी बच्चे को दुध नही पिलाती |

To me, these lines mean a lot. I have practically experienced such situations in life where it is not always about being good and pretending that everything is well, or waiting for situations to turn in your favor. Sometimes it is you who has to stand for thyself and express your will. It works!

I have read all the poems in the section मैं many times. Simply speaking, all that is penned in the poems is known and obvious, but the words in these poems are perfectly woven to reiterate the existence of these emotions in you.

If I mention further, it would be a spoiler for other readers :)

I give this book 4 on 5 and recommend it for those who have a different perspective on their life, the surroundings, their present, past, their family and often get nostalgic. I also recommend it for those who are fond of writing poetries. This bunch of poems is a motivator for writing.

(PS: the reviews expressed here are based on my personal reading experience, and do not intend to defame, derate or 
degrade the sale or vice-versa for the book. I am not paid for writing this review.)

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