Wednesday 23 April 2014

Pie in the sky

Its a state of mind,
It certainly may pass by,
If the destiny is kind,
It definitely may last without a shy,

In the gleaming moonlight,
Seldom does the thought haunt by,
In me lies the limit,
Claims the sky high


Monday 21 April 2014

They say, "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck.”

Thursday 17 April 2014

People and us - Live and Let Live

*Frustration - No offenses intended*

A special thanks to all those who kept inspiring me to write such post.

They are more worried of our lives then we and our parents are! So nice of them.. Ain't they?....

It all started when we were born.

When we were toddlers, they used to ask our parents- "Which school are you getting your child admitted to?" Suggestions and concerns varying from private to public school, Hindi to English medium, co-ed or non co-ed, far or near, high budget to low budget etc.

We got into a good English medium, co-ed, CBSE school. It all went smooth until we turned 10.

Now these worrisome people now say- "co-education! are you sure you want your kids to stay in there? You know what these girls and boys studying together means? Your child would slip out of your hand? Don't delay, change the school....." Later, someone with a softer heart comes to your rescue and you are fortunate enough to stay in the same school.

Class 10th, they again enter our lives saying- "Which subject are you opting for? Make sure you opt for xyz subject. Don't choose the harder stream. After all, we are born to enjoy our lives, not to dive into books and have spectacles for the rest of our lives! Make sure to do what everyone else does, and not dare to walk the road not taken"

Anyway, we chose what we found right, and moved ahead.

They are restless and enter again in an year or two saying - "Which college..? Same city....? That college isn't good and blah blah."

We somehow succeed in shutting their mouths with cello tapes for some while and get into a suitable college.

But I tell you, they are too anxious, indeed. They dived again and said - "Didn't you get placement as yet? Poor you, your college may not be able to get you a reputed job. Do this XYZ course and you shall be selected... blah blah.... " A hell lot of advice for free.

Eventually, we bagged decent placements. Now they have a bunch of more advice about whether we should stay in our home town or go out for job.

In the meantime, they worry about how we commute, do we come home late or early, hanging out with friends of opposite gender, have an affair with that close friend, expert in household chores or not, salary package, next appraisal date, promotion! These so-called concerns would chase us till the end of the planet.

Somehow, we were spared alive out of all this and learning to breathe air of freedom. Alas! It was our misconception. Now they were worried of us getting married ASAP, along with bombardment of suggestions about the kind of spouse, city, family, love/arranged marriage, working after marriage, examples of cousins and friends of our age who are married by now. In all, they say its time to settle now and quit chasing your dreams.

To our astonishment, they would never stop peeping into our lives even now. An year after marriage, they would keep asking about the so-called "khush-khabri" (good news), followed by the scope of another "khush-khabri" later.

And the vicious cycle begins from the top again.

I wonder, they should take rest at some point of time, and let us take a sigh of relief too.

Sunday 13 April 2014

बड़ी हठीली ये रात

बड़ी हठीली ये रात,
मधुर गजलों का है साथ,

गिराते हुए पलकों के पर्दे,
बुला रही है निंदिया रानी,
मंद मुस्कान लिए ये होँठ,
कह रहे थम जा तू ऐ रात,
बड़ी हठीली ये रात,

अंधियरे में फैला सन्नाटा,
टिक टिक करता घड़ी का काँटा,

दबे पाँव ही सही सवेरा तो आना है,
तेरी विदाई का क्षण तो आना है,
कुछ पल ठहर जा ऐ रात,
बड़ी हठीली ये रात,

एक नई रौशनी का होगा साथ,
जब बीत जायेगी तू ऐ रात,
खूबसूरत होगी वो सहर,
अनेक आशाओं को समेटे गोद में,
आ जायेगी वो सहर,
बड़ी हठीली ये रात,
मधुर गजलों का है साथ


Saturday 12 April 2014

Today will be the best day of my life

The moment you wake up, recite the following loudly:

Today will be the best day of my life. I will be more alive, alert and grateful. I am thankful for everything that has happened to me – the good, the bad, the indifferent. All of these experiences have collectively made me richer. I know that I am not perfect today nor will I ever be. Perfection is not what I strive for. I’d rather be kind and hardworking. I came to this world with nothing and I will go back with nothing except my actions and good deeds. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to start afresh. 

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Sunday 6 April 2014

Why is the sky blue, but not black,
Why is there a KEY to success, but no lock,
Why do birds chirp, but cannot express ,
Why do people work equally, but earn unequally,
Why do people laugh, but are not contented,
Why is the world round, but not flat.
Why is there a limit to the limitless.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

चाँद कितना ही खूबसूरत हो, धरती के ही चक्कर काटता है.

(No matter how beautiful the moon, it eventually rotates around the Earth).