Monday 26 August 2013

If I had wings


If I had wings to fly high and far,
I shall fly over the bountiful clouds,
I shall kiss the rainbow and touch the radiant sunset,
I shall have the velvet sky to glitter with the stars,
I shall smile with the moon, 
I shall fly among the birds and underneath the golden beam,

If I had wings to fly high and far, 
I shall be naturally doing what I really please,
The sky shall be mine and the world far away,
I shall own my time for the eternity,  
I shall not bother over trifle reasons,
I shall be free from the countless goals of the restless world,

If I had wings to fly high and far,  
The limitless sky shall be my playground,
There shall be no liabilities,
I shall fly away from where I am, 
I shall be liberated from all the alliances,
I shall feel the delight of spreading those graceful feathers.

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