Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Dusk in the Garden

Just after the sunset and while the moon is about to appear, a few happy-go-lucky children with their after-Holi pink faces are playing on the garden grass. Some are rejoicing on the swings and others just talking. Alas! two little girls have started dancing. Funny though!
The mixed voices of those young girls is reaching my ears from a distance.
Some middle aged women are walking alone along the periphery of the garden, on the interlock-tiled floor in the calm breeze of this March evening. A few infants are accompanied by their parents or grandparents, supposedly for safety on the rides and swings. A secluded old couple is sitting silently on a bench. The temple door is open now. A toddler hopping with a tickle on her face just walked into the gates of the garden with her grandma. She waved goodbye to me after her grandma requested her thrice. Another lady, possibly in her sixties is standing in front of the temple, bowing to the god's idol. She must be tired through the day to walk up the staircases of the temple.


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