Monday 15 September 2014

What !? You Don't Know Hindi !

Bingo! you guessed correctly, this post is pro-Hindi. 
Your Question- Why is this inscribed in English? 
My Answer - Simple, this one's for those who DO NOT KNOW HINDI.

September 14th is celebrated as Hindi Day. On this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India had adopted Hindi written in Devnagari script as the official Language of the Union. 

What could have been a better event for me to advocate the relevance of Hindi!

From nonage till date, I have observed people who are pleased to admit that they aren't well-versed at Hindi or their mother tongue. On the contrary, they try hard to transform self into a whiz kid of English plus any other foreign language. This race, unfortunately, lands them in the middle of nowhere.

If I am not barking up the wrong tree, Hindi is our official language and mother tongue to the most of us. But there is this breed of people which feels humiliated and ashamed, if, for any reasons they are capable of puking only their tuti-futi English. Pity on them ... It is always good to be multi-lingual in this era of globalization. 

Regardless of this, I wonder, what makes them appeased on not being the honcho in their own mother tongue. Do they have the myth that NOT KNOWING to speak Hindi or their mother tongue double implies that they are adroit English speakers, and are licensed to flutter their angrezi wings anywhere anytime.Yo! Sounds absurd. 

Do they know, unlike their demigod angrezi bhasha, Hindi is a scientific language, i.e., the pronunciation for syllables remains same no matter what word you use them with? How would they understand this? Their verbal diarrhea keeps them busy polluting this twenty-four carat lingo into Hin-glish.

Dear Reader, kindly don't feel offended. This was possibly not for you.

Disclaimer : This post isn't intended against any culture, person, language or country, neither does it prophesize any religion,language or culture. It is just a satirical remark on the current scenario where the importance of our official language is losing out.


  1. where can i download this type of font?

    1. If you are talking about the one that reads "english hindi" at the beginning, that is not a font, it's an image. Rest of the text has a basic font.


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