Monday, 16 February 2015

Get Lost!

One day as you sit there alone, people weeping in front of that defunct body of yours, and you silently watching it all. That one day you may turn around and regret as you look at the past, better called your LIFE- as empty as a tunnel.

Even if only for once, get lost for a day!

Perhaps the thought of getting lost scares you, the fear of the unknown, the scare of leaving your comfort zone, or even more?
Imagine a time when you have reached a place where every face is unknown, you have no gadgets, no GPS, no phone calls to make, no knowledge of the local language. Your mind is all blank about what's next? This is called getting lost - physically as well as mentally.

But why get lost at all! ? Getting lost would imply treading a path that you have never wondered about, getting to discover something new for yourself, with no one to drive your paths but only you. This may pull you back initially, but gradually it shall give your conscience extreme contentedness.

Columbus discovered America only after getting lost while searching for India. See what magic getting lost has done.

Mentally and spiritually, it is a rare opportunity of discovering your inner self, your strengths and weaknesses, you aspirations and desires, to break all the shackles and boundaries, cross the limits and experience liberty.

Even if you get stuck in the maze, you still have ample of opportunities to learn on every turn you make. Nevertheless, you are lost and there's no one to nag at you taking the wrong or right turn.

If you have lost everything then only you are free to do anything. 


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