Saturday, 18 July 2015

Movie Combo - Jurassic World, Baahubali, Bajrangi Bhaijaan

3 weekends.... 3 movies to die for....

Jurrasic World

For this chapter of the Jurassic series they wondered what to do, what to do. How about creating a whole new, super-scary species of dinosaur, containing DNA strands of dozens of creatures? When they hand you the 3-D glasses, check your brain at the door and pick it back on your way out.

Every moment takes your breath away and compels you to hold the seat tighter, as if you are the next munching for those grand artificially born dinosaurs (I'm unable to spell the clumsy names of the species), who they shall help themselves with! There's a lot of chasing and numerous last minute escapes from the treacherous dinosaurs by the lead actors on the screen. Amusingly, just one set of attires was worn by the cast throughout the plot!
Run faster...


The next in queue was the Telugu blockbuster, dubbed in Hindi for the rest of us. Keep aside the laws of physics, and soak yourself into the exemplary scenic creations of the magnificent Maahishmati kingdom, which existed supposedly ages back. 

With average dialogues and predictable historical fiction story- a clan struggling to crown their subsequent heir, and a lost son brought up by another mother who gives a powerful but ignorant come-back to rescue the kingdom and his mother of the prevailing evil, every glimpse of this costliest motion picture of the Indian history forces you to plunge not into "What next?", but "How next?". They have executed it so well, with the excellent actors of the century and the majestic shooting setups.
Jai Maahishmati

Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Fans of Salman Khan had been awaiting this one since long. This is one of the best movies of Salman. I wonder, as and as he's getting older, he's been working hard and acting better than ever. It's always harmless to watch Salman Khan's movie- even if it is not good, you'll gain some of the hundreds of bucks out of the huge investment made to the ticket. Moreover, his are always clean and family-kinda movies! 

The story is one liner- "A noble devotee of Lord Hanuman is set to put his life at stake to help a mute Pakistani child get back to her home." For sure, none of the viewers was left with a dry eye and at the same time chuckles from time to time, by the end of film. And of course, the little girl succeeded in stealing hearts.
Jai Shree Ram

Well, indeed the three are poles apart in every aspect. But each of them deserve their share of Taaliyan aur Seetiyaan!


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