Saturday 31 May 2014


  1. This means you don't believe or agree with Lord Krishna..

    "karm karo phal ki chinta mat karo"

    It simply says do your job without expecting/bothering about the outcome, as outcome is not in your hands, as you can study but can not be control of its outcome of your choice, you can buy the lottery but winning is not in your hands, a surgeon may do a very good surgery but its outcome is not in his control, it can be seen in every aspect of life , outcome may be expected in a particular way but can not be controlled.

    If you stop thinking about Result/Outcome, chances are that end result may turn out to be the one that is never imagined. Power of belief is always beyond imagination.

    Results /Outcome sometimes became so important that it blocks the ability to perform, which further increases the inability to carry out any task or to conclude one.


Thanks for your awesome comment! I always look forward to it.