Tuesday 23 December 2014

PK is OMG- Aamir Khan Style

Time for some movie review - Mansi ishtyle! 

PK is an interesting, provocative satire and funny film. It revolves around an alien who challenges some of the oldest rituals of religions and paradoxes of the society that are ruling lives of people on the earth.

It was Akshay Kumar and Paresh Raval starrer OMG (Oh My God) that was released first on similar theme. Well, we expect Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan not to copy concepts, but to bring something afresh, something that is known to all but showcased with a different perspective. 

A few highlights from the movie-

1) First of all, PK is an interesting movie, spiced by the carrot-eater, innocent, comic, human-like, Bhojpuri speaking alien- PK's (Aamir Khan) and sugary sweet, clever journalist Jagat Janani / Jaggu's (Anushka Sharma) acting. Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput can seen only sporadically throughout. The Alien Khan is an astronaut from some gola (planet) in the galaxy that is visible only at night. 
Sometimes I wonder, is the alien society also male-dominated like ours? Does a female alien exist? None of the movies has showcased one ! 

2) He lands whole naked at a bare land in Rajasthan, where his remote control  that connects him to his planet, is stolen by a man. 
Why do they forget the Atithi Devo Bhava slogan even after repetitive requests from the same Aamir Khan!

2) In the treasure hunt for his remote, Aamir gets to know that it is none other than Bhagwan who can let him get his property back. In this search he gets utterly confused with what different religions preach, and comes across the concept of India being a multi-religion country, and that no one is born with a stamp that assigns religion to them, and also that we blindly follow what our religious gurus preach us. PK calls this as wrong number. 
This is followed by multiple speeches by the alien himself, some in public and some in a private discussion with God's idols. 
Point to be noted my Lord, as per Bollywood movies, why only GOOD aliens come to India and BAD ones go to the Hollywood? May be, the Indian movies cannot bear the cost of destruction that the bad aliens cause to their country.

3) He raises several witty questions like - "Yaha do tarah ke bhagwan hai -ek wo jisne tum sabko banaya hai aur dusre wo jise tum sab banate ho". Amusingly, he even donates money and then takes refund of the donations he made to god at temples after he discovers that god doesn't listen at all with the suggested ways. Moreover, he uses the same bhagwan to protect him every time, by pasting stickers of Hanuman and Krishna on both sides of his face! 
Pardon me, but this again is centered over Hinduism, so unfair it is.

4) Last but not the least, the alien falls in love with the chick of the movie - Jaggu, and then lets her go
Ummm.. Bollywood movies can bring this Pyaar and Kurbaani thing even to the aliens. And guess what, aliens also shed tears.

5) This sounds rational that the alien learns to speak Bhojpuri dialect by getting knowledge transfer in a magical way from a prostitute Fuljadiya, and then communicates in the same way throughout the plot. 
But did I miss any scene where he got a knowledge transfer to WRITE in ENGLISH. He did that for expressing his love to Jaggu. 

Overall, this is a fun film with a li'l dose of "gyaan", filled with surprises every minute. It lets you thinking long after you leave your seat. The nanga punga dost (PK) keeps entertaining you with his curious questions and light comedy which makes it a family movie.


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