Saturday, 6 December 2014

Leaked: Samsung Galaxy Note-102 Launch

New Delhi. Samsung is expected to announce the successor of its popular Galaxy Note-101 smart phone at its launch event in capital on Friday. One can easily judge that this phone shall follow the legacy of the Note family and will be called Galaxy Note-102.
In the first teaser posted on Tuesday, the company tweeted – “Why only watch, and not smell your photographs!?” This clearly depicts that the camera of this phone is designed to capture smell along with sight.

Sources have indicated some of its key features–
  1. Camera -
500 MP camera with 20X zoom. It is built to capture molecular-level pictures. This may worry the youths who suffer from pimple problems. Also, it captures smell of the object.
  1. Battery –
Battery has always been a source of worry for smart phone users. But this revolutionary phone is designed so that it gets auto-charged while in use, but requires charging whenever kept idle.
  1. SIM cards –
Supports 13 SIM cards – one for parents and rest for a dozen girlfriends.
  1. Size-
This miraculous innovation can be folded or stretched to any size varying from that of a laptop to a match box.
  1. Display –
It comes with an XX-HD display. The color band consists of a range whose upper and lower spectrum is not even visible to the human eyes.
  1. Touch-less Control –
With a little training, your phone will understand your instructions in the form of your breathing.
  1. Weight –
It weighs  ~1000 grams. You can now carry your smartphone while shopping for vegetables; you need not rely on the cunning vendor’s weighing machine anymore.
  1. Accessories – 
a) Gas cylinder-  For those who travel often, can cook anytime on the move, with this handheld device.
b) Home theater- This will turn down the Television market drastically.
c) Stereo speakers- Though a little tedious to carry, but the stereo wide speakers are an added advantage to this phone and will make you the center of attraction on a DJ party night.
d) Phone covers- Attractive bullet proof phone covers with mirror on one side, for the ladies who, otherwise use the screen as a mirror!
e) Additional memory- 1PB external hard disk.
Some of its miscellaneous features may be –
1. It comes with a smell sensor for photographs. Not only you have the real time experience with its superb colors, but can smell the photographs now. For example, the photograph of a rose would come along with its rosy fragrance.
2. It takes your selfie every 30 min.
3. Changes your baby’s nappy after specified intervals.
4. Performs best when immersed in water.
5. Inbuilt apps for smiley generation and Whatsapp joke generation.
6. You can open the phone from middle and store snacks there.
7. A button at the top to release pepper spray, for the safety of women. Easily refillable at any recharge shop.
Although the prize of this device is still not finalized, but rumors have it that this most awaited economy phone may cost anywhere between 100000 INR to 200000 INR.
The only setback that we foresee with this smartest-ever phone is that it has no facility for missed calls. This means it may not do well in Indian markets, where, “missed calls” are the most used feature by every Indian.
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