Friday, 2 January 2015

Make Space for Negativity

Since the advent of my website, or since I read Rhonda Bryne's The Secret, I had been writing much about positiveness.

Well, its the time for me to say a partial NO to this thought. This does not imply I myself am turning negative. But I discovered lately that injecting too many positive thoughts onto yourself, at times, can be suffocating. They may not match with the reality and can be illusionary.

Although, thinking about only the negative aspects can lead to discontentment. Nevertheless, these aspects may inspire us to attain the unattainable, or at least accepting the situations as they are. In such case, we may need to break the emotional barrier and think the other way round, or look for the probable solutions instead of believing that merely a positive mindset can act as the ultimate magician.

The key is, not to loose hope (remember, as they say, hope can move mountains) but to maintain a balance between possibilities and positivities!


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