Thursday, 10 September 2015


 “I’m blogging for the India Today Woman Summit 2015 #WomenPower activity at BlogAdda.” The topic is-  "Do women want to be treated specially or equally? – Do men know the difference?"

When a male colleague pulls / vacates his chair for me; when they choose to hold the door open for me, it is indeed tough to perceive that in an era where women are at par to the men, do we really need such favors? Well, its no more about stereotypes, neither an entire denial to the chauvinist bits. It doesn't imply even that the fairer sex is less mightier. Its simply because the former feels like doing it. 

For woman, of whatever century they are, it feels good to be respected and pampered whereas men will always require to be adored and cared for, even for little things. This has to happen naturally and beautifully. 

That is it, women do not need equality, because the universal fact is -men are men, and women are women! Stating and stressing repeatedly on the fact that women want equality, itself means that women are inferior. Moreover, allocating reservations on the grounds of gender is a vice, which again implies and makes both genders feel that women are deficient. Does the term "woman empowerment" itself not mean women are powerless!?

A proud parent in India says, "tum meri beti nahin beta ho" . Well, why not they say, "tum mera beta nahin beti ho"? It is not about equality, but perspectives that make the difference. Both the genders have got their duties and rights in the society.

Per me, it is equity that has to prevail, rather than equality.

Patriarchal system has been dominating the Indian society since ages, but women are now breaking the shackles by joining the male brigade in varied areas. This gives them additional power as well as responsibilities of carrying with them the womanhood as well as meeting the benchmarks of the newly defined roles. Posing them as equal, renders a pressure on them. They are playing tougher roles than men do today, implying the need of special treatment to an extent.

For a moment, let us consider not to treat women as equal to men, but vice-a-versa. Let us treat men as equal to women. If men are treated as equal to their counterparts, it would be an ardent task for them to suffice all the expectations that are from a woman, including the default homely duties, giving birth, bringing up children, household chores and what not. Adding to this the professional roles they play, turns it more difficult for men.

The answer to whether men understand the difference between equality and special treatment is abstract. Although, this measure entirely differs with the strata of society that is taken into consideration, plus other factors like education, financial status, social status, profession, understanding, and most importantly, the journey from being an infant to a man. Growing up as a good human plays a vital role here. 

Understanding this, is not as important as implementing it is! Neither the almighty, nor the society has made the two genders equal; the gist is to gracefully accept the differences.

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