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Sunday 27 July 2014

Will Power Is The Key

It is your will power that helps in attaining the materialistic and the abstract. No matter how tough it is, it can come true just by you willing to have it, or vice-versa. To state without amplification, will power can turn the unfavorable the other way round. The strength of will power works from letting the mountains move, to stopping the rains that have been going on since hours; changing the fate that has been designed long back for you by the mortals or the immortal; bring in the success to your toes that was never meant for you; repair the irreparable relationships or untie those handcuffs.
Embrace it, and you shall touch the zenith!

Monday 17 March 2014

From Sunset to Moon-rise

Yesterday I went out to watch the Kangana Ranaut starer movie- Queen.

No, this post isn't a movie review at all!

For those who missed watching it till date; the zero melodrama plot is about a serene and innocent girl who, after being stood up by her fiancee finds some me-time in Paris and Amsterdam, and amidst which, gets to discover her confident self. While walking out of the hall, one feels refreshed even after shedding a silent tear clubbed with smile through all those 146 minutes!

What came along me out of the theater was-

  • Take some time to live for yourself and not those around you. People come and go.

  • Stay true, never transform yourself. You ought not to turn back and scream every time, they shall realize your worth by themselves.

  • No one has as much right on you, as you yourself do. Break those handcuffs.

  • You may not survive till hell freezes over, do what you have been longing for. Aspire, and relish your aspirations.

  • Smile a while, and while you smile, the whole world smiles with you! :)

Sunday 2 March 2014


This time I have a few interesting lessons that I had undergone while reading The Immortals of Meluha. Though I drafted this long time back, but never posted it!
An excerpt from the conversation between a Pandit (priest) and Shiva in Shiva's dream.

green-leaf"This is a dream and I can tell you what you already know", said the Pandit, smiling mysteriously. "Or something that already exists in your consciousness that you haven't chosen to listen to as yet."
"So you are here to help me discover something I already know!"
"Yes", said the Pandit, his smile grew more enigmatic.
"What is the color of that leaf?", asked the Pandit.
Frowning strongly, Shiva sighed, "Why, in the name of the Holy Lake, is the color of that leaf important?"
"Many times a good conversational journey to find knowledge makes attaining it that much more satisfying:, said the Pandit. "And more importantly, it helps you understand the context of the knowledge much more easily."
"Context of the knowledge?"
"Yes. All knowledge has its context. Unless you know the context, you may not understand the point."
"And I will that by talking about the color of that leaf!?"
"The color? Its green."
"Is it?"
"Isn't it?"
"Why do you think it appears green to you?"
"Because,", said Shiva, amused, "it is green."
"No. It wasn't what I was trying to ask. You had a conversation with Bhraspati's scientist about how the eyes see. Didn't you?"
Shiva - Of course, its green.
"Oh that, right.", said Shiva slapping his forehead. "Light falls on an object. And when it reflects back from that object to your eyes, you see that object."
"Exactly! And you had another conversation with another scientist about what normal sunlight is made of."
"Yes I did. White light is nothing but the confluence of seven different colors."
"Now put these theories together and tell me, why does a leaf appear green?"
"White sunlight falls on that leaf. The leaf's physical properties are such that it absorbs the colors violet, , indigo, blue, yellow, orange and red. It doesn't absorb the color green, which is then reflected back to my eyes. Hence I see the leaf as green."
"So think about the color of the leaf from leaf's perspective. What colour it absorbs and what it rejects. Is its colour green? Or is it every single color in the world, except green?". The pandit continued, "Whatever appears as unshakeable truth, its exact opposite may also be true in another context. After all, one's reality is but perception, viewed through various prisms of context."
"Are your eyes capable of seeing the reality?" asked the Pandit.
"This means you have to absorb all the negativity and reflect positive energies, so that it is only the positivity that is given away by you to the world."

Monday 20 January 2014



तसवीरें, यादों का आइना होती है,
वक्त को ख़ुद में किये ये क़ैद,
कभी गुद्गुदाती हैं,
और कभी आँसू दे जाती हैं,
कभी छोड़ जाती हैं एक मीठी मुस्कान,
और कभी दे जाती हैं बीते लम्हों को फिर जीने कि चाह,
ये गुजरते पलों को थाम लेती हैं,
ये ही तो हैं जो हमेशा साथ निभाती हैं

Saturday 4 January 2014

Wednesday 18 December 2013

...And then I landed to the planet

...And then I landed to the planet,
Neither as an angel nor a princess,
But yet another ordinary girl,
With every passing year,
I had countless cheers,
and a few tears,
a lot to learn,
and a lot of experience,
a lot of success and celebrations,

and so much to thank the almighty,
for giving to me all that I have! 

Years later,
A new day has started,
I have aged one more year,
God had gifted my life with yet another year,
or has reduced an year out of my life!
Yet, this one year of my life has given me so much!
Gratitude, compassion, success, belief, love for fellow human beings,
If I count my blessings, they are countless, infinite. 


Saturday 11 May 2013


Two years later, all my college mates are living an entirely different life. Sharing a reminiscence of those unforgettable 4 years.

College- a carefree world, life was full of dreams and plans for future; a place where
even punishments were fun; friendship was so innocent and selfless; canteen didn't serve delicious cuisines, but a baked samosa with friends was no less;"hidden" skills like calligraphy and drawing could be seen on last page of every notebook; laughter during lectures was infectious; we copied assignments, even the mistakes! 

Bunking lectures was fascinating; borrowing a pen was such a pleasure; fighting for seat in the bus was a routine.

Nothing could satisfy our hunger as eating from our lunch box under the desk during lectures did; sitting on the floor and studying for hours before our viva didn't shy us; an evergreen dialogue was- "I do not have balance in my mobile"; proxy attendance for "dost" had to be a duty of a "sacha dost"!

I am missing those days....missing my college days.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

बस यूँ ही हम जिये जा रहे हैं!

बस यूँ ही हम जिये जा रहे हैं,
खुश रह्ने के तरीके ढूँढें जा रहे हैं!

कहाँ गयी वो मासूमियत,
खो गयी वो शरारत,
झूठी हँसी को खुशी का नाम दिए जा रहे हैं,
क्या सोचा और क्या किए जा रहे हैं,
बस यूँ ही हम जिये जा रहे हैं,
खुश रह्ने के तरीके ढूँढें जा रहे हैं!

आगे बढ़ने कि होड़ में ,
जीवन कि इस दौड़ में,
ख़ुद ही को पीछे छोड़ें जा रहे हैं,
सीमाओं का बहाना दिए जा रहे हैं,
बस यूँ ही हम जिये जा रहे हैं,
खुश रह्ने के तरीके ढूँढें जा रहे हैं!

 -By Mansi Ladha