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Sunday 27 July 2014

Will Power Is The Key

It is your will power that helps in attaining the materialistic and the abstract. No matter how tough it is, it can come true just by you willing to have it, or vice-versa. To state without amplification, will power can turn the unfavorable the other way round. The strength of will power works from letting the mountains move, to stopping the rains that have been going on since hours; changing the fate that has been designed long back for you by the mortals or the immortal; bring in the success to your toes that was never meant for you; repair the irreparable relationships or untie those handcuffs.
Embrace it, and you shall touch the zenith!

Saturday 7 June 2014


साहिल पर बैठ क्यूं तेरी नाकामी पर अश्क बहता है,
टूटी है कश्ती तो मार ले गोता उस समंदर में,
तोड़ उसका गुरुर,भीगो दे उसे तेरे आँसुओं से,

ग़र कामयाबी का है जुनून, मुकम्मल कर तैराकी पर फ़तेह,
ग़र डूब गया तो ज़िंदगी भर का गुमान ना रहेगा,
उस पर्वर दीगर से सीना तान दलील तो कर सकेगा



Saturday 4 January 2014

Monday 23 September 2013

Open up a whole new world now..

Turn failure into a greater success. Every situation will throw up winners as well as losers. Defeat can, however, be turned into victory by a slight shift in attitude.

The first step is to accept gracefully the fact that you lost. And that you lost because there was something that you did not have and the winner did; do not blame others for your defeat. Focus on that something, understand it and, in doing so, identify your weak areas. Now try and figure out ways of working on those areas. Look at your present defeat as an opportunity to improve yourself and also something that may possibly help you shift focus onto something bigger and better. 

Sometimes it may so happen that you are trying to succeed at something that you are not meant for, and greener pastures await you elsewhere. If that is so, understand that. Focus your energies towards areas more suitable to you. Shifting your goal may open up a whole new world for you, one you may not have dreamt of earlier. 

And remember - 
"Koshish karne se mushkil aasan hoti hai ,
Milne se kya bol tamanna kum hoti hai"