Friday 1 January 2016


Initially, I used to force myself upon books in order to be able to become a better writer. A renowned journalist once told me that to write well, you need to read more and more. In one of the recent talks that I attended of Chetan Bhagat, he gave the same answer to my question on advice for aspiring writers. Another author, Preeti Shenoy replied to the same question to me over twitter, with the same answer.

Reading a good book is like an entourage to another world that lies amidst the pages of the book. With this newly developed addiction, I have turned voracious now. Reading is wonderful. Exemplary. Ecstatic. Pious.

I do not defer with the majority's views who say it is investment wastage of time on reading. Contradictory to this my instincts say paradise would be some kind of library. I have never grown so mature in my entire life as I did in the last few years since I started reading. Then I was literate, now I am educated. One humorous quote on the web stated- Every time you watch a reality show, a book commits suicide.

 Also, as Richard Peck quotes- I read because, one life is not enough. For the same reasons, I read to live all the characters from different periods, places, moods, professions, ethnicity, religions, virtues, lifestyles- all of this I can't live in this one life. While reading, I live in a different body, at a different place, with different people. The more I read, the more I learn and eventually, the more I grow.

To me, books are -
1) Teachers, companions, magicians, an unabridged universe, and nonchalantly- a means to escape from reality.
2) The most loyal friends of mine- they never ditch, they never abandon me, never lie, enrich my very being, and accept me as I am.

For every mortal who hasn't yet realized this, I playfully say, it's better to have your nose in a book than in someone else's business!


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