Monday, 4 January 2016

Shallow Hal

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

I just closed VLC player after watching this Hollywood movie called Shallow Hal, and my hands ran on the keyboard to write about it this Sunday. I am hitting the Publish button now!

You may skip this paragraph, if you don't want a lengthy read. However, I insist you continue.

Shallow Hal is a humorous tale of a man called Hal who had fixation to physically attractive woman. Being an average looking guy himself, he didn't succeed in pursuing any lady for a date. When Hal was nine, his Dad's last words on death bed were, 'Son, never ever settle for less.' While Hal was struggling to search his lady, he stumbled upon a a famous life coach whom he was stuck with in an elevator. He motivated Hal about the worth of inner beauty, and not to strive solely for the exteriors. In order to help him overcome his disappointment and shallow-ness, the coach hypnotized him with a spell. Thereafter, every girl Hal came across looked thin, smart and beautiful to him. After a while, he started dating a girl- Rosemary, who apparently was his boss' daughter and was very fat. But due to the coach's trance, he found her extremely beautiful and lean. They fell in love. Later, his worried friend approached the coach and reverted the spell from Hal to prevent any jeopardy to either of the parties. It was now that he could see the "real", "unattractive" Rosemary. It was embarrassing for him initially, and he tried to avoid her. Gradually, he realized the worth of inner beauty, of the caring and affectionate Rosemary and reconciled with her. And then, there's the Happy Ending!

Moral of the story- Not all good things are beautiful, not all beautiful things are good. I know this is meager and has been read and told many times. The definition of real beauty is influenced by what television, magazines, movies and the society keep telling us for years. Why do we not look for beauty inside out? A beautiful face may not last forever, but a beautiful heart shall. On a similar note, I had written about the obsession for being thin and fair, about 2+ years back under the title- Fair is Lovely, Thin is Beautiful.

What appeals to the world's fancies is the exteriors. Agreed. Because as humans you have learnt to judge by what you see. Pragmatically, you tend to get attracted or distracted based on the same. For instance, paradoxically, we delude good looking people to be rude, proud or witty, whereas we assume the ill-favored ones lack confidence or are cunning. This is about first impression. But in the process of knowing someone, let alone your opinion of the physical appearances and look for the true person beneath.

Someone told me long back that when you grow old, your skin may be wrinkled, your hair shall turn white and your appearances may fade. All that lasts forever is the abstract you! Have no reason to be with someone, for if the reason diminishes the togetherness wanes.


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