Monday, 29 May 2017


नाज़-ओ-हिफाज़त में थे अपने शहर की गलियों में,
तिजोरी में तो सोना भी पीतल हो जाता है,

रखे कदम जो चौखट के बाहर तो समझा,
तराशे जाने पर तो कोयला भी हीरा बन जाता है।

Friday, 26 May 2017

They say "life is difficult", I ask "compared to what?"
-Source unknown

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Book Review: A Thousand Splendid Suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns- another marvel from THE Khaled Hosseini. He has inked the inhumane realities of Afghanistan in such a heart warming manner.

Before this I have read and reviewed The Kite Runner from the same author, which was so compelling that I bought this one too. And now, I am treasuring his third book, And The Mountains Ecoed as well.

The story is a narrative of the struggle of two female protagonists, Mariam and Laila going through the situations where even basic human rights are forbidden. This is the story of the time when Soviet were ruling Afghanistan and later arrived Taliban. The periodic political shift affected the lives and "deaths" of the citizens of the country.

This fiction is a nice portrayal of the grim conditions in Afghanistan which were not known to most of us otherwise. The main characters Mariam and Laila had to struggle through their lives bearing the sin of being born and that too, as women in that society.

To me, this book gives one message, and that is, we often tend to mourn over what we haven't got but forget about what we have. We must appreciate and thank god for giving us this wonderful life, giving us birth at the place where we are, and above all FREEDOM which is the foremost requisite of human existence and unfortunately not available to many.

I rate this book with 4.5 stars on 5, and recommend to all fiction lovers with a disclaimer that this book will give you a gloomy feeling throughout, and is not a happy-go-lucky account! You may sleep with a sad mood at times. It may leave you thinking for long. I personally got attached to Mariam and Laila so much that I used to repent on what was happening in their lives, as if they were some live people around me. Such is the magical spell of Khaled Hosseini's un-put-down-able writing.

(PS: the reviews expressed here are based on my personal reading experience, and do not intend to defame, derate or 
degrade the sale or vice-versa for the book. I am not paid for writing this review.)

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

खोया हुआ खिलौना और टूटी हुई पेंसिल

छत पर बिछी जब दरी होती थी,
चाँद के पार एक परी होती थी,

ग़मो की गठरी का बस इतना था बोझ,
एक खोया हुआ खिलौना और टूटी हुई पेंसिल होती थी,

कट्टी और सॉरी का सिलसिला होता हर रोज़,
रिश्तों के सौदे कि गुफ़्तगू इतनी सस्ती होती थी,

प्रतिस्पर्धा यूँ शुरू और ख़त्म होती थी,
जब कागज़ की नाव से रेस दोस्तों संग होती थी,

खाली थे हाथ फिर भी ऊँची उड़ान होती थी,
जेब में भरी एक रंगीन तितली होती थी,

कितनी सरल वो ज़िंदगी होती थी,
टूटी गुल्लक से पायी जब चंद सिक्कों कि अमीरी होती थी,

गर्मी कि छुट्टियों में होता शाम का इंतज़ार,
बर्फ़ के लड्डू कि मिठास ऐसी मोहक होती थी,

क्लास में पूछती जब टीचर क्या बनना है,
पायलट और हीरो कहते हुए चहरे पर चमक होती थी,

ऊंची लगती जब मंदिर की घंटी थी,
बड़े होने की बड़ी जल्दी होती थी,

कैसे लौट आयें वो लड़कपन के दिन,
जब सुबह के बाद रात नहीं शामें भी होती थी |

Sunday, 14 May 2017

क्या तोहफ़ा दूँ तुम्हें माँ

वो ख़फा़ हो फिर भी दुलार देती है,
माँ जुदा हो फिर भी प्यार देती है,

हमारी हर भूल को भूला देती है,
वो माँ ही है जो हमें रोज़ दुआ देती है |

माँ वो है जिसने हमें जीवन दिया है और जिसने अपना जीवन हमें दे दिया है | बहुत विचार किया परन्तु इसके समक्ष कोई भी उपहार तुच्छ प्रतीत हुआ | इसलिए कुछ शब्द ही पिरो दिए इस कविता के रूप में |

क्या उपहार दूँ तुम्हें मैं,
तुमने जीवन दान दिया हैं माँ।

मुस्कान होठों पर सदा सजाये,
तुमने हर बलिदान दिया है माँ।

तुलना कैसे करूँ तुम्हारी,
तुमसा कहाँ है कोई माँ।

चाहे तुम हो रूठी हमसे,
चिंता फिर भी करती माँ।

कहा जगत ने जपो हरि भजन,
मैंने केवल कह दिया "माँ"। 

क्या उपहार दूँ समझ ना आये,
शत-शत नमन है तुमको माँ।

Monday, 17 April 2017


मुद्दतों में उठायी क़लम हाथों में, देख कागज़-ए-ख़ाली हम खो गए,
लफ़्ज़ों के आईने में देख ख़ुदा को, ख़ुद ही की मौसीक़ी में मशगूल हो गए |

मन में तराशा बिखरे अल्फाज़ो को, कांटे भी फूल हो गए,
एक बूंद स्याही गिरी दवात से, छिपे सारे राज़ गुफ़्तगू हो गए |

Monday, 10 April 2017

मैंने खुशियां ख़रीद ली

शहर की जगमग छोड़ कर मैंने उगते सूरज की रोशनी ख़रीद ली,
सिनेमा का विकर्षण छोड़ कर मैने किताब के पन्नो की खुशबू ख़रीद ली |

अपेक्षा का आसमान छोड़ कर मैंने प्रतीक्षा की ज़मीं ख़रीद ली,
बचपन का दामन छोड़ कर मैंने बचपने की अदाएं समेट ली।

रुई का गद्दा त्याग कर मैंने मां की गोद सहज ली,
दिन की दौड़ धूप त्याग कर मैंने सांझ की छांव सहज ली |

कोलाहल की ध्वनि नकार कर मैंने एक ग़ज़ल ख़रीद ली,
मोबाइल पर दौड़ती अंगुलियों को विराम कर मैंने वक़्त की घड़ियां ख़रीद ली।

सुविधाओं की अनंतता का बोध कर मैंने सुकून की दो रोटियां ख़रीद ली।
ख्वाहिशों को थोड़ा कम किया मैंने और खुशियां ख़रीद ली।

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Book Review: Mrs. Funnybones

This book is written by renowned actress Twinkle Khanna. After digging her luck in diverse fields, she began writing. I am a fan of her newspaper column that comes every Sunday in Times of India, and also her scintillating tweets.

I would always admire her for her 
unconventional sense of humor, presence of mind and stark comments. Also, having traveled many roads of life including acting, interior design and, of course, writing, she carries a distinct identity and charm of her own.

This book is about her day-to-day life experiences in a funny manner.

Although, I was expecting a lot more from her debut novel. It seems more like a collection of her newspaper articles. When you spend some money to buy a book, you do not expect it to contain the stuff that a corner of a 5 bucks newspaper has! You are investing time as well as money not to know her autobiography, and that to, not actual autobiography but certain regular events from here and there from which one derives no conclusion.

With 235 pages including a lot of blank pages, text size 12 and 1.5 size line spacing, broad margins, even the slowest reader on the planet can finish this book in no time.

Not everyone wants to be enlightened by how she struggles as a mother, her baby wants to use her hello kitty potty seat in FLIGHT, or that she gets captured by paparazzi often, or that her son has got a girlfriend at eleven or the MIL jokes with her female friends or how much the family travels abroad in FLIGHTS.

Nevertheless, coming to some good points, the book is humorous, you smile and laugh from time to time and feel light when reading it. This is a quick read and hence, it may help you to overcome reader's block, if any. The sarcasm and composition of sentences is quirky.

My rating for this book is 2.5 on 5 and I recommend it to those who are are willing to pass their time on a train journey or a flight.

(PS: the reviews expressed here are based on my personal reading experience, and do not intend to defame, derate or 
degrade the sale or vice-versa for the book. I am not paid for writing this review.)

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Book Review: Band, Baaja, Boys

This a book by author Rachna Singh is a light hearted comedy.

The plot is set in Allahabad. And hence, the humour. Rachna singh has brought up the core and basic aspects of the residents as her characters and translated that into humour. The characters are relatable and very usual.

The story is about Binny Bajpai - 20 year old daughter of hosiery shop owner Brajesh Bajpai and homemaker Kumud Bajpai. Binny is busy making boyfriends and spending her father's money as the only child. Meanwhile, Kumud and Brajesh are keen on getting the best groom for her from the available options. They are juggling between readily available Mr. Chaubey's son and sparsely available Mr. Dubey's son. Raja is the one sided lover of the heartthrob Binny. Rahul is Binny's lover and a politician's spoiled son. This hullabaloo gives you chuckles and giggles throughout, keeps you gripped to what happens next. (I want to control myself from being a spoiler by providing the details).

Rachna brings alive her characters who are easily identifiable and close to real life, no exaggeration. Use of Hinglish is quite funny.

If you are looking for a deep story and a witty plot, this one is not for you. It is predictable at times but a cute filmy tale. But if you are looking for a stress buster and a lot of laughter this is your cup of tea.

I applaud the observation and comic interpretation of fellow Indians (esp. from Allahabad) by the author especially when she herself was swinging between life and death (cancer treatment). It's easy to make people cry, but difficult to make them laugh, and that's what Rachna has excelled at.

I rate the book 3 on 5 and recommend it to those who want to go over a quick and light read combined with doses of fun.

(PS: the reviews expressed here are based on my personal reading experience, and do not intend to defame, derate or 
degrade the sale or vice-versa for the book. I am not paid for writing this review.)

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Book Review: The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner, an international Bestseller, came to me as a birthday gift, and it is like none other. It is authored by Khaled Hosseni and is his debut novel. I read the 10th anniversary edition, little late indeed!

Khaled Hosseni is an Afghanistan born author, settled in the United States.

Still running my hands on the embossed letters of the book cover, which read "The Kite Runner", my mind riding back on the intelligent portrayal of the grim realities of the contemporary Afghanistan. I am assuming that this story is largely inspired from reality and has something to do with author's real life incidences. If not, I would call it exemplary and intense imagination.

The plot is set in Afghanistan, Pakistan and some in America. It is about two children -Amir and Hassan who are grow up together. Then it turns towards the brutalities of French and Taliban. Amir comes back to Pakistan and then Afghanistan only to find extremities in the country. There are a lot of twists and turns, a lot of thrill and suspense on what shall happen forth. You can hardly predict a subsequent incidence. You keep getting surprised throughout. You will feel as if you are soaked in the agony and pain of the characters. You can feel yourself to be present there and witnessing the incidences. The story telling is excellent. Minute details are covered well. Characters come in and go and come back in when you are anticipating them the least.

It's difficult to put the book down even when you are half asleep. Exactly when you feel that you can predict what is happening next, a twist pops in.

I wonder how I could take so much time to finish this book and still never get bored of it. It kept me hooked to itself, at the end of every chapter I had been tempted to read another one.

Some interesting lines from the book-
"For you, a thousand times over."

"Children aren't coloring books. You don't get to fill them with your favorite colors."

"...attention shifted to him like sunflowers turning to the sun."

"Every woman needed a husband, even if he did silence the song in her."

This book is for those who are fond of beautifully tragic fiction . However, it's not just about that. But yes, there is nothing HAPPY in this. You may feel gloomy at times. It might feel lengthy since a lot of details are covered, which could have been omitted.

I rate it 4 on 5 and recommend for all the fiction lovers who like surprises at all the stages and ready to read a not so happy-go-lucky plot.

(PS: the reviews expressed here are based on my personal reading experience, and do not intend to defame, derate or 
degrade the sale or vice-versa for the book. I am not paid for writing this review.)

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