Tuesday, 24 November 2015

To Tweeples and Whatsapp-ians

Dear friends, friends of friends, and to whomsoever-it-is-concerned, you are likely to be fumed upon reading this post, but I don't mind telling what's on my mind. (Excuse me for the same)

The constant itch caused by a bunch of texts and tweets to me could only be healed by having my say on them. FYI, it ain't moral policing.

In the last few days, I had been observing that people puke anything and everything on social media. In other words, they blindly forward all they receive. How funny it was to read that don't watch the movies of Shahrukh and/ or Amir because they expressed their opinion on the intolerance topic? Guys, do you ever use your mind before forwarding mindless messages? I can't stop laughing at this. How many of those who forward all this, actually know what the root issue is all about?

If you are a Software Engineer like me, and you said something that offended me, then would I say that I will refrain from using the part of application that you have coded (in so-called protest)? Well, absolutely not, I would rather reprimand it the other way. If your Mom unwantedly adds some extra salt to your food one day, would you not eat any subsequent meal cooked by her? In the same way, acting is their business, and expressing opinion- an individual choice. A text message said, we have paid 4k crores to make their movies hit..... Astounded by what I read, I thought you didn't donate the money, it was in exchange of the entertainment that you sought. Ain't it? Negativity breeds negativity.

Flowing with the emotions or bluffing on look-I-am-so-conscious, we unabashedly forward it. On one hand you enjoy sending jokes / negative facts about the country, concluding how ill-fated you are to have been born here. On the other, you pretend to be aggressive on such issues, and be epitome of desh-bhakti. 
One such text stating ills of our country in a rather humorous way had a line- "is desh me pizza 30 minute me pahuch jaata hai magar ambulance nahi." I was awestrucked pondering what's the analogy between a pizza and an ambulance. If you are targeting the governance, then best to my understanding, pizza has nothing to do with the government except for taxes. I am not denying the fact, but the way it is shot to despise our country and government's public image. Neither do I understand where this content originates from and who is benifiting by fooling innocent message forwarders!

It is absolutely fine if you disagree on certain things, but remember: whatever you listen / read to is a perspective, not the truth.

Probably you too must have inferred by now that mass communication and media are the strongest means to form public opinion. How wonderfully does masscomm and media manipulate or highlight an entity / event/ person taking them to the zenith or drop them to their doom. They make for a massive machine to brainwash the human mind, or at the least make them think over and over. Ever wondered, where did the award waapsi and beef issues perish after the Bihar elections; why the Maggi-is-unsafe news popped and prevailed right on the time when Ramdev baba was to launch his own healthy-Maggi, and not in the last two decades; why is Indrani's husband Peter's arrest not as much on the news as it was for Indrani? It may be because now no one sees benefit by editing public opinion on these anymore.  Whenever there is big news in the media, look for the one they are trying to take you away from.

And, your job is to use a percent of the 3 pound organ that is present at the top of your body!

Simple as that?

And as, one of the forwarded text on my phone says-
सोच को बदलो सितारे बदल जाएंगे,
नज़र को बदलो नज़ारे बदल जाएंगे।
कश्तियां बदलने की ज़रूरत नहीं,
दिशाओं को बदलो किनारे बदल जाएंगे ।।
(Disclaimer: I am not paid to write this post. It is my personal view, and not intended to hurt/ defame/ derate any person, platform, nation, culture, political party, incidence or event. I do not mean to criticize or hurt either. Forgive me if it does.)


  1. Agree to each and every word of this post. Couldn't be said better !

  2. Definitely, even the media shows the content with twisting it, and to see the proof just watch these two videos till end and know what actually happened and how media twisted the things in front of people:

    and people are blindly forwarding those allegations on Arvind Kejariwal and Amir Khan without knowing the thing.

  3. Very well-articulated your thought on creative/dumb/critic/innovative/bored/aggressive/emotional ‘expression and response’ of general people via social media.

    I partially agree but mostly disagree with this blog. As social media is the only platform for common person’s expression/response however that may be in the mode of forwarded message with agreement.

    Regarding celebrities’ so called opinion/expression are intended to fetch support and attention from political/general-public that's why they are speaking in press conference and specially in well-arranged public seminar. Social media gives power to every common person to analyse topic and comment/compliment. If common person can’t express in creative manner they do forward such messages and believe me if people forward blindly then you may get so many offensive stuff . Why Amir/SRK are not talking in press conference about constructive/optimistic/patriotic topic. Why Amitabh Bacchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Satyarthi and other noble people not expressing their opinion with press conference in such critical situation of country.
    We know acting is their business but every celebrities, industrialist, religious leader, politician carry social responsibilities. And they must play constructive role. (Some time diplomatic according to situation)

    I think we must be analytical and tolerant about such conversation. In today’s Times Of India survey 85% people are dis-agree with these celebrities’ opinion. And that shows people want to discuss about growth, development, clean India, proud India instead of political drama. And I respect my countries tolerance. After such critic opinion no one got arrested and punished. Because expression is equally rights to everyone in India.

    On boycott of their movie: That is showing dis-agreement with their opinion against country. Same as Mahatma Gandhi ask to use Swadeshi to dis-agreement with British action/opinion (May be this example is heavy but at this moment I can recall only this).

    I totally agree about Pizza lines and those lines which generate negative thoughts/image about country.

    1. Thanks for presenting a different insight :)

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